What tradesman builds a stud wall? And how to get the best price

As a general rule, joiners are the trade you would hire to build a stud wall. However it is not the most complicated job and many general builders and even handymen might be able to do a reasonably good job.

The advantage you will get when hiring a joiner, is they specialise in this type of work, so it will generally be a better job. Also a joiner will have all the tools required to do this job properly.

what tradesman builds a stud wall

This will include:

  • 1st fix nail gun
  • Chop saw
  • Chalk lines and laser levels
  • A range of spirit levels
  • SDS drill
  • Cordless drill
  • Etc.

In theory, you don’t need all of these tools, especially some of the more expensive power tools. It would be possible to do the job with just the basic hand tools and some levels.

However, this is one of the main advantages of a joiner. They will generally have a wide range of tools, enabling them to do the job quicker, and to a higher standard.

If you were paying a flat day rate, then a general builder would cost around the same as a joiner. According to leading rate comparison sites. The UK average for a general builder is around £205. Whereas a joiner is £195, on average.

These prices will obviously vary up and down the country. However, it is pretty similar. It is also reasonably safe to a assume, that a joiner would be both quicker, and better at building stud walls.

The average UK day rate for a handyman is around £190. So, as you can see this is still not much cheaper. Also, a handy man is generally unqualified, and a jack of all trades.

Based on skill level and price comparison. Hiring a joiner is the obvious choice.

Additional costs when building a stud wall

As we have already established, based on skill level, time, and average rates, a joiner is by far the best choice for this job.

However, it is important to remember, the price won’t just be a day rate to build the studwork. You will also be paying for materials (these will often be marked up). This will include all the timber and the plasterboards. Also, if you are doing a proper job, you should be adding insulation to your stud wall.

It’s likely, you will have a door in your stud wall. This will need a casing (door frame) fitting.

You will need the door hanging in the casing and all the ironmongery fitting. This will include all the hinges, locks, handles, etc.

Once this is all done, and any plastering and electrical work has been completed, skirtings and architraves will also need fitting before it can be decorated.

This is all going to cost money, and if the joiner is providing labour and materials, there is a chance they might add a small percentage on top for materials.

Before we look at how to save money when hiring a joiner, I think it is important to point something else out.

Nearly every job after the stud wall is constructed is a joinery job:

  • Stud wall (joiner)
  • Fitting plasterboards (joiner or plasterer)
  • Door casing (joiner)
  • Hanging the door (joiner)
  • Plastering (plasterer) – If dry lining the joiner could do it
  • Skirting architrave (joiner)

As you can see, a joiner could do pretty much every part of this job. All you would need is a plasterer if you planned to skim the walls. If they are dry lining boards the joiner could easily do this themselves.

You would also need an electrician for any sockets and switches that need adding.

Following this, the only job left is decorating. For this you could hire a professional, or if you want to save a few quid, you can do it yourself.

How to save on the cost of building a stud wall

When hiring a joiner to build your stud wall, there are ways you can save money. The first would be to find out if they add any money on top for materials.

If they do, you have the option to buy them yourself. However, you may find the joiner gets a better rate than you. This could mean even if they mark it up, it’s still cheaper than buying yourself. But it is worth checking.

The best way to save money is to compare several quotes. You can do this by contacting local joiners directly. However, by far the best way, is to use an online comparison site. These are better for several reasons:

  1. Its really easy. You can be receiving rough quotes online within minutes
  2. All the tradesmen are verified by the site (Avoid hiring cowboys)
  3. You will be able to see real past customer reviews
  4. You will find companies that you may have missed searching manually
  5. It is a competitive marketplace. This means everyone is competing on price

Due to the last point, you will often see big discounts on labour costs. This can be as much as 40% in some cases. If you are hiring someone to build the wall, plasterboard it, fit casings and doors and do all the skirting and architrave, this can really add up.

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A joiner is without a doubt the best tradesman to build a stud wall. Whilst some other trades may be able to do the work, it is very unlikely they can do it as quickly, and to such a high standard.

Also after the studwork is built, almost every other job before decorating is joinery work. Therefore, it makes sense to hire them to do the entire job.

Also, make sure to shop around. By comparing prices, you are almost guaranteed to save money.