Installing garden room facia and soffit

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In the video below watch the step by step process of adding facia and soffit to a DIY garden room

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In this video, I demonstrate the step-by-step process of adding fascia and soffit to a garden room. Starting with the front soffit, I explain how my neighbor assisted me in initially securing it. I show how to cut the soffit to length and nail it every 400mm, using 40mm small head poly pins that blend in with the anthracite grey soffits. I also cover the installation of solid soffit on the sides and the use of H-trim connectors for seamless joins.

The video also includes a detailed guide on cutting the soffit, ensuring straight, neat cuts, and addressing the importance of leaving nails slightly out to allow for the removal of the protective plastic film. I then move on to the fascia installation, highlighting the method for aligning and nailing it, ensuring it can expand and contract with temperature changes.

This practical guide is perfect for anyone looking to enhance their garden room with a professional finish, offering tips to make the job easier and more efficient. Be sure to check out the next video on installing a rubber roof and additional trims.

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