Materails cost breakdown (tools listed below)

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Base construction

MaterialsTotal cost inc VATPurchased fromQuantity
Ballast£134.36Huws Gray2.5 jumbo bags
cement£89.88Huws Gray10 plastic bags
Hardcore£44.40Huws Gray1 jumbo bag
mixer hire£42.00SHC1
timber£27.55Huws Gray2x3m & 2x4.2m
Total Incuding VAT£338.20


Walls floor and roof – Order#1

Order #1Total cost inc VATPurchased fromQuantity
5x2 (120x45) timber£158.69Merritt & Fryers57.6m (roof and lintel)
4x2 (100x47) 2.4m timber£185.63Huws Gray31
4x2 (100x47) 3m timber£24.96Huws Gray4
3x2 (75x47) 3m timber£59.27Huws Gray11
4x2 (100x47) 4.2m timber£17.98Huws Gray2
OSB3£343.20Huws Gray13
Protect t&g chipboard£191.90Huws Gray8
50mm PIR insulation£110.35Huws Gray4
DPM 1200ga 15 x 4m£44.99Screwfix1
Screws & brackets£22.67Screwfix3
All purpose silicone£4.79Screwfix1
Total Incuding VAT£1,164.42


Walls floor and roof – Order#2

MaterialsTotal cost inc VATPurchased fromQuantity
Breathable Membrane - 1x50m£57.59Huws Grey1
38x19mm battens£66.07Huws Grey31
4x2 top up£9.58Huws Grey2
OSB£32.38Huws Grey2
Ruber Roof Kit£506.87Rubber4Roofs1
Facia & Soffits + trims£246.85Plastics Hub1
British cedar cladding + trims£1,495.45Iwood1
Total Incuding VAT£2,414.78


Doors and windows

MaterialsTotal cost inc VATPurchased fromQuantity
French Doors£1,104.00Affordable doors1
Total Incuding VAT£1,256.99



Labour & materialsTotal cost inc VATPurchased fromQuantity
Electrician - labour + materials£953.77Adlin Smart Electrical1
External up/down lights + bulbs£38.16Toolstation2
Total Incuding VAT£1,033.81


Internal walls, ceiling, and floor

MaterialsTotal cost inc VATPurchased fromQuantity
Tapered edge plasterboard£217.31Naylor Myers13
100mm PIR insulation£137.38Naylor Myers3
50mm PIR insulation£254.88Naylor Myers10
joint filler£38.04Toolstation1.5
drywal screws£13.99Screwfix1000
Paint 10l White£17.74Screwfix1
joint tape£3.98Screwfix1
reinforced joint tape£15.98Screwfix1
Expanding foam£12.50Screwfix2
vapour barrier£28.00Wickes1
Rubber flooring£263.60Sprung10
Skirting£43.69Huws Grey3
guttering + downpipe£68.28Huws GreyN/A
water butt£39B&Q1
Osmo oil + brush£94.5Amazon1
Total Incuding VAT£1,248.88


Recommended tools

Tools I usedLinks to tools I used
Cordless drill & impact driver
first fix nail gun
second fix nail gunSame as above
circular saw
Orbital sander
Jigsaw (didn’t but would have helped)
stanley knife
Spirit levels
Tape measure
Hand saw
Wheel barrow
Concrete float/trowel
Combination square
Sliding bevel
Plastering trowel
nail punch