Can carpenters do roofing? Yes and No. Learn more

Carpenters specialise in any job where wood is used in construction. This includes a wide variety of different jobs.

When looking around the home you live in, things like doors, skirting boards, architraves, kitchens, staircases, and anything else on display that is made from wood, would generally be installed by a carpenter.

As well as items that are visible, there are also timber structures below the surface that aren’t seen. This includes things like, floor/ceiling joists, stud walls, and roof timbers.

can carpenters do roofing

When it comes to roofing, carpenters play an important role in the construction. They are responsible for fixing the wall plate and installing all the roof timbers. In some cases, this will be prefabricated trusses, and in other cases it will involve cutting rafters on-site.

However, this is usually where their responsibility ends. At this point, professional roofing contractors will usually take over.

The roofing contractors are responsible for adding the roof covering. For example, on a tiled roof, they would add felt and battens to cover the roof timbers. Following this, they would add the tiles, by nailing them to the battens. Then finally, they will install flashing, and ridge and hip tiles would be bedded in place with mortar. This will finish and completely seal the roof from weather.

Essentially, the carpenters build the frame of the roof and the roofing contractors add the final roof covering.

Do carpenters fix roofs?

If you have a problem with your roof such as a leak, then a carpenter is not the best person to call. A better option is a professional roofer. Any issues with slipped tiles, damaged flashing or pointing, can be repaired by a competent roofer.

Finding a decent local roofer for repairs is relatively easy. We recommend comparing local roofers via trade comparison sites. By doing this, you get competitive pricing, and the roofers are all vetted and reviewed. Therefore, you know your hiring a decent trades person.

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Time when a carpenter may do minor roofing work

The only time you would call a carpenter for roofing issues, is if there is damage to the roof timbers. In this case, you may even need the combined help of a carpenter and a roofing contractor. Obviously, this will depend on the extend of the damage and the scope of any repairs.

For example, if you have rot in the roof timbers, this could be a big job that involves removing sections of the roof, to fully replace the damaged timber.

There are also other instances, where a carpenter may do some work on the roof if it involves a carpentry job. This could include something like fitting Velux windows. When fitting this type of window, a section of the roof will need removing. This involves removing a number of tiles and cutting an opening.

To create the opening, a section of felt will be cut and the battens will also be cut back. Then the carpenter will trim back the roof timbers and form an opening, for the window to fit inside.

Installing the window is relatively simple. However, it needs to be sealed correctly, in order to avoid any leaks entering the property. This is relatively simple; the felt and tiles are replaced around the window and a flashing kit is installed.

Velux windows and alternative brands, will all provide a flashing kit with instructions. These are easy to install, so a roofer shouldn’t be needed.

For larger jobs, such as constructing a dormer window, it is far more likely that a roofer will be needed at some point. This will ensure the structure is sealed and covered correctly.


So as you can see, carpenters do play an important role in the construction of a roof. However, they are not roofing contractors. This means, that after the timber is installed, the carpenter’s job is done.

The only time a carpenter would return to a roof after it is completed, is to carry out repairs on the timber itself, or to install new features such as windows.

For this reason, if you are having any issues with your roof, such as leaks, then a professional roofer is the person you need to call.

As we mentioned previously, if you want to save money on roofing work, the best way to do this, is via trade comparison websites. This will help you to hire the best business for the work at the most competitive cost.

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